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9th Feb 2011, 5:00 PM
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This ... might be a while
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Author Notes:
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Hello Skrael here. I get to update because I changed my file size and turned Magravan's world upside down. OOPS! Any way.. here's the comic!! More, better comments to follow.

(Probably not from me, but the more verbose Magravan!)

P.S. .. Yours truly came up with the idea for this punchline. :) (This is a rare occasion)
Magravan edit delete
And now you know the real reason for my delay! WAhahahaha.

At the time of the upload, it was not yet February 10th. Now it is!

Today is the 10th anniversary from when June and I began dating. Those of you who know that we are also looking to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of marriage this year will know that we didn't take long.

As I said then, when you know that this is something that you want, why wait?

It's been an interesting 10 years, and while we have had our share of downer moments, we've also had some really, really wonderful highlights. Sometimes you have to traverse the valleys to appreciate the mountains all the more, I suppose.

So while there are other things that I could talk about, I'm going to leave this as the exclusive topic for my author's note today.

Happy 10th Anniversary, my Love. If I could choose again, I would still choose you <3
User comments:
SirWishbone edit delete reply
Sylene's face in the first panel is amazing. Very well done!
That enthusiastic fan (Guest) edit delete reply
Metsfan edit delete reply
Yay new comic update! Distracting me from my homework. Sweet comicy goodness. (I'll get back to math then)
Fortunado1972 (Guest) edit delete reply
GREAT COMIC! made me LOL (at work even)
-3- edit delete reply
Your punchline rings very true to the character.
I may have gone to high school with her.
Brain eater (Guest) edit delete reply
Ha!!! 3:)
Brain eater (Guest) edit delete reply
Losing so much sleep, curse you web comics!!!!!!!!!!!
DensetsuEX edit delete reply
There, did an archive binge of TOGM.
Skrael, don't get all emo next time in the chat room, everyone loves your work XD.

Yours too Mags. ;)
Magravan edit delete reply
@SirWishbone - I like the angle that she chose :)

@That enthusiastic fan - That's very enthusiastic of you. I'm glad you're living up to your reputation :D

@Metsfan - I'm pretty sure that this glimpse into a zombie world is going to have more relevance to your future than calculus ... Just saying ;D (I'm kidding, I really enjoy computer programming, so I'm a big fan of math and the logic it teaches ;) )

@Fortunado1972 - I think we need to get Sylene back to her old self.. She's definitely not at her most enjoyable in this state...

@-3- - Haha :) Haven't we all? :P

@Brain eater - I've read through a couple comics when I should have been sleeping. I've yet to be disappointed in that choice ;D

@DensetsuEX - She received a couple critiques in a row, and I think it shook her confidence a little bit. She's working on improving the areas they mentioned though.

And as for me, sometimes the writing doesn't come out the way I want it to. I definitely think that I have a loooot of room to improve as a writer. However, while there are times that I say "Writing sucks in this one..", there are also times where I say "I'm proud of how this turned out" and I do have a general, overall positive opinion of the storyline... Just certain strips I think I sucked at.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
I love the expressions on all the panels, Skrael! :)
(on a side-note, 'grats! :D)
That enthusiastic fan (Guest) edit delete reply
I am indeed living up to my reputation.
And you know perfectly well who I am, too.
hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
. . . wait . . . someone critisezed Skraels work!? :o
this webcomic is amazing, don't feel down 'cuz of some whiny bitches that can't draw themselves

also, congratz on the 10years :)
Magravan edit delete reply
@ranger_brian_new - Thanks! It's been a good 10 years ;D

@That enthusiastic fan - I might know who you are independent of this place, but I don't know who you are based on the name... I hope that we have more than one enthusiastic fan :)

@hagelander - It does happen ;) Just pointing out artistic flaws or whatever. Some of it is constructive and useful, thankfully ;) And thank you :D
That enthusiastic fan (Guest) edit delete reply
Psh, you totally know who I am.

I am more enthusiastic than any other ComicFury member about TOGM, probably.
Magravan edit delete reply
Is it... is it my mom? :P

Seriously, I hate answering those, because I'm almost never right and it just leads to "HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW ME!" drama ;P
That enthusiastic fan (Guest) edit delete reply
I like asking these things.
I think you could work it out, not necessarily based on what is here, but what is not.
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
ok that was funny. that was the kind of humor from the start of the comic. it's always funny, but this is that punch in the face out of nowhere funny. (a good punch that makes you go "what lol") great work. i'm gonna say that to someone.
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
@That enthusiastic fan
well, let's see, i advertise TOGM almost daily, i've linked togm to atleast 100 people, i wear a togm shirt, i'm in the live action section, i drew atleast 2 fancomics for togm, (which were burned because they were awful), and i'm the first to draw togm 34(which i STILL need to finish) i'm pretty sure i beat you as "most enthusiastic fan" but we'll let mag decide on that.
That enthusiastic fan (Guest) edit delete reply
MatthewJA edit delete reply
Is there any use in smoking when you're a zombie?

Also, what level of zombie is the phantom?
Magravan edit delete reply
@That enthusiastic fan - I could, but I wont ;) And quietly enthusiastic? ;)

@model S - Glad you guys enjoyed it ;D And technically I don't think that you get to count yourself as first unless you actually finished it ;)

@MatthewJA - Is there any use to smoking as a human? :P It's a habit he had beforehand that he's kept.

I'm not sure if the Phantom's level is general knowledge or not :)
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
as long as there's any kind of nudity (top or bottom) that isn't in the series, it's 34. therefore i still have 34. i just haven't done the bottom half. so nyaa. i win.

and i think we all know the phantom is a 6. it's so obvious.
Jamming edit delete reply
Happy 10th Guys!

In all seriousness: it is the combination of the two
seperate talents, Artist and Writer, working in conjuction
that makes the comic so good. There is no creative problem
you cannot surmount given the time.

Just remember every time I fail to tease you a puppy dies and
I can't have more puppy deaths on my hands. I got a free pass
on this one, cause I been hard on Magravan recently...remember
I'm avoiding killing puppies the next time I tease you though.
Magravan edit delete reply
@model S - Unsubstantiated claims are unsubstantiated? :P

@Jamming - Nah, I don't think it had anything to do with what you said.

Does the puppy die directly because you don't tease, or is it just a correlation thing where it happens to die and you happen to not tease? :)
Alicia edit delete reply
Congratulations, guys! You are such an awesome team! Wish my husband would co-write a comic with me like that. We are only on two years of marriage at this point, but we've been dating each other for seven years now.
Anyway, a GREAT comic and a GREAT marriage. What more could you really ask for? You guys have it made. :)
Magravan edit delete reply
Thank you Alicia! It's good to see you around again... Never realize how much you miss people until they come back ;)

The comic has become a source of great collaboration between the two of us, and while we sometimes get frustrated with each other over it, the amount of time that we've spent together regarding it has been a definite boon to our relationship :D

We'd only been dating for a few months before I proposed to her, so we're actually very close to the same amount of time together as you guys!

Hopefully someday your husband comes around and we get to see a lot more of your work. How's the new baby doing?
Lazy J (Guest) edit delete reply
lol poor phantom having to put up with that kinda shenanigans
moizmad edit delete reply
sniff...when Mags said he'd choose Skrael again..sniff, sob...I started to cry..sob.
Magravan edit delete reply
@Lazy J - I know! The trials he puts up with from his kidnapping victims... Poor guy.

@moizmad - We have a little trinket in our computer room that says that ;)
Jrade edit delete reply
This is awesome, and so are you guys!

Congratulations on ten years!
Jamming edit delete reply
@Magravan - they are very strict on animal protection enforcement around here, so by my attorney's advise, I plead the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution and invoke my right not to incriminate myself, by remaining silent.
redder edit delete reply
haha love this :)
Magravan edit delete reply
@Jrade - Thank you :)

@Jamming - That's ... probably not going to help you much ;)

@redder - I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
Jamming edit delete reply
True with the Animal Rights Guerrilla (Gorilla?) and the Animal Special Attack Squads. At least I don't have to worry about ASAS Feline Ninjas, as it is about puppies.
Brain eater (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey my friend had a blog but it got shut down because he needed one mill in a day to keep it running and he only got 990k so he is making a new one so is there any way to put your comic on his blog, please say yes.
Brain eater (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh yeah, HAPPY 10th YEAR ANAVERSARY!!!!!!
Magravan edit delete reply
@Jamming - Well, it's all about risk management, right? You don't pick the harmless, innocent animals that have the scary allies ;D

@Brain eater - Err sorry, what? You want me to post a link to our site on your friend's blog? Or you want permission to post our comic on his blog? Or you want us to provide a link to your friend's blog? I'm kind of confused...
Brain eater (Guest) edit delete reply
Magravan edit delete reply
Sorry, no...
Brain eater (Guest) edit delete reply
Damn it!!!!!!
Magravan edit delete reply
That's kind of an unfair thing to ask... You're basically asking us to let our considerable effort be used on his blog for his success? We don't have anywhere near a million anything...
hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
sharing links is often done to spread word of webcomics

but posting someone else's webcomic on your own blog is worse then downloading a car!
T (Guest) edit delete reply
What? I think I need a short recap here. Beth enlightened her? Chad tried to rape her?!
Magravan edit delete reply
@Hagelander - If my bandwidth could support it... :D

@T - Yes and yes :)
Brain eater (Guest) edit delete reply
Well it was for you to basically because if it got really popular again there would be even more fans of your comic
Brain eater (Guest) edit delete reply
You know i think he would be fine with a link now that I think about it
gordebak edit delete reply