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If you have any questions, mail us at gottogm@gmail.com or use http://www.formspring.me/Magravan! If we get tired of answering it, we'll probably add it here, so we can just copy and paste the link instead of typing it out yet again.


What is the update schedule? We update Mondays and Thursdays at midnight EST.

Who makes this comic? My wife and I, James and June. (Hello!)

Why do the zombies not look like zombies? In our mythology, Zombies have achieved a greater awareness than typically present in zombie literature / movies. One of the quirks is that they didn't care for being rotted, dripping sacks of oozing grossness, and have actually become quite vain. One of the major jobs in this new world is a Replacement Technician, which is capable of fixing anything shy of the skull / brain cavity being destroyed. The higher their category, the more access they have, and the more they desire to utilize them. Ones don't give a crap. Fours tend to have the best of everything.

What's this about Ones and Fours and such? Zombies have been classified under 5 categories. These represent their self-awareness, their mental abilities and their likeness to humanity. Check out the flyer at So you're a Zombie now, which gives an idea about the different levels.

Is there an ending? Okay, this one is kind of a cheat. I don't think that anyone who likes the comic would ask it. However, I wanted to write it, so I'm asking it to myself... Repeatedly... Until it crosses the threshold and becomes frequently asked.

Yes, there is an ending planned. 3, in fact, depending on how far along we get in the story. This is not to say that we are intending to end the comic, but simply to say that potential endings to the story have been conceived. This was done after reading yet another comic that hadn't been updated in a year, had a wonderful story and really felt like a kick in the junk when you realized that the storyline that you had become invested in trailed off and died without any closure. So, if we ever decide we can't do this anymore, we have several different endings planned that can bring the story to a quick conclusion, but still provide some closure so that you've received a complete storyline.

If, for some reason June wasn't able to be a part of it, the final strips might have to be done with lousy art skills, asking a guest artist to help wrap it up, or something of that sort. If, for some reason, I wasn't able to be a part of it... Chances are June could slap it together, it'd be better and no one would really notice anyways.

I just wanted people to know that we care enough about the journey to bring it to a conclusion if we ever have to stop doing it.